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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Possible Stupidity?

I know I haven't written in a mighty long time, but I have been an extremely busy person. I am now in-charge of the NC Peer Support Association, own my own company, work full time for a Mental Health Company, run and work for another company, and go to school. For many that would mean too busy and they would crash, but for me this is my way of coping.

As usual I have taken on an issue I am unsure how to handle. Someone made a comment to another person and it hurt me. Should I confront them on it? Cause normally I speak my mind, but this person is very close to me (who said it) and I fear that if I do say whats on my mind, as usual they will blow me off or decide never to talk to me again. They are to good of a friend to let go of but their words made me cry tonight which is something I haven't done over anyone in a long time.

So do I say something or do I let it go?

I know as a Peer Support Specialist that I am supposed to take care of myself to no end and if I don't then I would be a ass. I'm feeling confusion, lost, and not very positive right now.....

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Inferno said...

Hi, I am from NC also, I have Bipolar...I know where your coming from with the friend thing. Seems like once they find out, they avoid me like I have the plague. Anyway, If i were you, personally, I would confront the friend that said whatever they said that hurt you.. In a gentle way. Ask them why they said it, and tell them it hurt you. Dont be confrontational..very gentle.
I personally would need clarification, or it would haunt my every thought relentlessly. If it was a really nasty comment behind my back about me - I would figure i didnt need a friend like that. But that is just my opinion. If you feel you may loose your friend, just be really gentle and ask what they meant.