As I go to counseling and talk to my family and friends, the truth of things that have happened to me or that I have done will come out. Some will be graphic, others sad, some might just be angering for others. For all this I am sorry, but it needs to come out so that people can understand where my depression and anger come from. There for I do want to apologize a head of time and please don't be afraid to comment or leave your thoughts on my Blog. Thank You.

Need Immediate Help?

If you are having thoughts of death or suicide, call 1–800–273–8255 (TALK), or if you need immediate assistance, call 911 or go to a hospital emergency room
"Who then can so softly bind up the wound of another as he who has felt the same wound himself" ~~Thomas Jefferson.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


These are wreaths that I have for sale to help make money to live on. I don't do drugs, nor do I drink. I just have a lot of medical bills that drain every penny I do make.

I can make them in any color and with any type of scene you'd like (nativity, angels, birds, santa, gifts, toys, and so on.) Just tell me what you'd like. I sell them for $39.99 and shipping is only $10.00. Pick up is available if you live in the Raleigh/Durham areas of North Carolina.

You can contact me at bradleyloris@yahoo.com for more information or to order one. I make these the day I recieve payment and I do accept Paypal

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