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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Forcing one's self

Today I think I will force myself off the computer and out to work in the yard with my pup. I find I have to do this often! Force myself that is. I don't mind though as it seems to get me out and about to doing things, but it also makes me think of the black cloud hanging in my head waiting to burst since things have been going so good lately.

Talked to my son friday night and he seems to have better things to do then to talk to his mother (mind you he is 20 years old). LOL. That highly depressed me (and I have been in this funk all weekend) as I can see him headed down my road at some point.

Oh well, off to work in the yard before I talk myself out of it. LOL

BTW, do you all think that I should change the name of this blog to something more upbeat or do you think the name says it all since I am back and forth between the good and the evil? LOL. Let me know please.

MORE LATER!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...

1 comment:

perphila said...

It's your blog...:) You can call it Funky Train if you want! Chose what make you comfortable.

Adult children get their own lives, get busy and forget what a phone is for. I don't talk to my mom very much but I don't love her any less. In fact I feel guilty a lot I don't talk to her more. Then again she reads my blog and never comments! lol At least she knows what I am up to.

Cheer up....:)