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Saturday, May 22, 2010

More on the NAMI Training and Me

Good Evening Everyone!

It has been a great 2 days so far. It started out by dragging yesterday, but I opened up some and today I was excited to be here at this training. I think the reason I wasn't feeling it yesterday is because I was 1) nervous, 2) didn't know what to expect, 3) and afraid I would fail at what I am here to learn. The class is a great class, I can just see the major differences between what I mentor through NAMI and what I do as a Peer Specialist. Quite a few differences actually, so I will have to learn my boundaries and stick to them through both jobs.

This weekend has been a HUGE learning experience for me. I have met 14 wonderful people who I feel I can honestly call a friend. I have found people who can help me with opening or planning to open a drop in center, I have met a few wonderful people who said they would come work for me and even bring some amazing ideas of their own, I have met people who are still working on their recovery and want to know everything the way I do. This has been a truly amazing group. I am so thankful to have met them all and I pray for a lasting relationship after we leave here.

I now know I can't or won't fail at anything unless I choose to fail at it. Which, at this time and hopefully never again, will I ever choose to fail! That's how determined I am right now. I'm focused, moving forward, and refuse to continue to keep letting myself down!

Ok, enough for tonight. I need to get my ass to bed since everyone else is for the most part. Now on to my grateful list.

1) I am grateful for this oppritunity that I have been given with NAMI
2) I am grateful for the people that I have come to know this weekend.
3) I am grateful for the break I got this weekend.
4) I am grateful for still not cracking with all that I am taking on.
I am grateful for being able to finally complete things that I take on in my life.


Stacy said...

So happy to hear how the training has gone. Your ideas and motivation are inspiring.

A Wanderer's Mind said...


Thank You! It is people like you who inspire me to do everything that I am doing. Without your kind words and the inspiration that you guys give to me, I wouldn't keep trying to get where I am.
Thank You, Lori

Ruth said...

It was truly an EXPERIENCE wasn't it!!! I know that we will be friends forever. I know that with the same vision and caring things will work out for the best for both of us. Never loose faith and when you feel like you are falling tie a knot and call me!!

A Wanderer's Mind said...


Keep up the PASSION! It was an awesome weekend. Keep up the faith hun, no matter how tough things get and always know that I am just an email or phone call away!.