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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Opinions, whose answer is right?

I went over and saw my grammy today, she is still in the nursing home and getting better everyday. I got to talking to her about how I called dad Christmas day and we of course got into an arguement about it. She feels I did the right thing by not opening my mouth to him and keeping the peace. What peace? There isn't any peace between myself and my father, regardless if anything is said or not!

My DBT group leader however says I should do just the opposite and learn to tell people when I'm mad at them so that we may talk it out. But I have to be telling the person I'm mad at, not someone else, like grammy suggested. After all, why should I vent on someone who didn't do anything wrong in the first place. So who is right?  She is slowly becoming a senile old lady I think!

If I had kept my mouth shut all these years I'd still be getting abused in one form or another. If I hadn't said anything as a child, my ex-stepfather would have abused me and possibly my sister till they decided their relationship was over at some point. So where does my grammy get off telling me to keep my mouth shut?

If you can't tell, I don't agree with her on her comment. You don't have a Psych degree Grammy so back the fuck off and don't try to counsel me on something you know nothing about! After all, you've kept quite and you've opened your mouth, both cases pissed loved ones right the fuck off!

Good thing I have my blog to write to or I'd go nuts. LOL

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